Wine Sorbet

Wine Sorbet

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Wine Sorbet! Yes, we now have cool, refreshing sorbet made out of wine in a variety of red and white flavors.The sorbet does actually have wine in it and it weighs in with 5.0% alcohol content it is considered an alcoholic frozen dessert. Each flavor is true to its liquid counterpart: the red wine flavors include a robust, fruity Cabernet Sauvignon that reminded me of a berry sorbet with a kick; a softer, sweeter Pinot Noir; a Fresh Pond carries the light and almost bubbly Champagne flavor, which is recommended for those who don’t want to taste the alcohol in what Mr Cannoli Sorbets are calling an “adult dessert.”

The flavor of the alcohol tapers off quickly and you are left with a fruity, refreshing sweetness. Probably the best thing about these sorbets is that they are super clean, with no fat, no gluten, no dairy and nothing artificial. In fact, the flavors only have four or five ingredients each and vary from having 110-140 calories per half-cup serving, making them a healthy and delightful treat.

These sorbets are great as a dessert after dinner at home, but they are also a unique and versatile option to serve at a party or for company. Here are a few serving suggestions to spice up an already exciting treat:

• Make slushies with Mr cannoli Sorbet and 365 Italian Soda—take a cup of Cabernet Sauvignon, place it in a mixing bowl and mash it with a spoon. Add a cup of 365 Lemon Italian Soda and mix the two items together to get a frozen, refreshing cocktail. Serve it in a wineglass with a straw for your next barbeque. Try mixing other flavors such as the Champagne sorbet and Blood Orange Italian Soda.
• Top the sorbet with fresh fruit salad or berries and whipped cream for a sweeter, fancier dessert.
• Use the sorbet as a small (1/4 or 1/8 of a cup) palate cleanser between courses—after fish or meat, or between cheese and dessert.
• Make smoothies with plain or vanilla yogurt, frozen berries and sorbet. In a blender mix a half-cup of sorbet with a cup of yogurt and a cup of frozen berries. Blend and serve. Add granola for added nutrition and crunch.
• Create a sorbet tasting on a dessert plate with four flavors available in shot glasses. Add cookies, cheese and grapes for a more diverse plate.



  • Blackberry Shirah
  • Peach Reisling
  • Blood orange Prossecco
  • Strawberry Reisling


Sale of this product to individuals under 21 years of age is prohibited.
This product contains up to five percent alcohol by volume.

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